director / production designer / editor

an experimental film about love











As my last film project in my undergrad, I wanted to tell a love story that is fading in one's memory. It was inspired by this idea of having private moment in public space. We may appear as "normal" when we walk on the street, sit in a cafe, or drive on freeway, but what are our actual thoughts and emotion underneath that poker face? Where does our mind wonder? It is intriguing to me that our physical bodies are in this world at this moment, but our mind could travel far to another space and at another time, past or future. That is why I created this moving image of a private moment, a moment of remembering someone you loved, a moment of grasping onto a memory that is fading away. 

script and story board


My first attempt to approach this abstract concept is to write a script, although it comes out more like a poem. It is an intentional choice to not have dialogue in order to create this dream-like inner world of oneself and to focus on storytelling through the visual.

Later, I find this poem to be a guideline of the film while developing storyboard and collaborating with actors and the cinematographer.

CFD-Script-Mingna v1.jpg


 After I wrote the script, I started drawing shot by shot storyboard. 


Shot List

CFD-ShotList-Mingna v2.jpg




Visual Reference