Receipt 2.0

categories: AR, coding, interactive installation, physical computing, sound design, composition, storytelling

tools: Unity, Vuforia, Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, Logic Pro

collaborator: Chengchao Zhu


Build upon Receipt 1.0, this Receipt 2.0 is the second installation in this series. Receipt 2.0 collects real stories from real people. We interviewed people from our friends and strangers at Washington Square Park. We asked them: what is an object you bought before that is related to a small life moment you had? The object can be big, small, fancy, ordinary, special, or not special, and the story relevant to the object can be happy, sad, surprised, funny, weird, important, not important, anything.

This project is like an augmented reality documentary. Each receipt is quietly hung underneath a very dim light bulb. When user holds the receipt up, the bulb would light up. Then, user can scan the receipts to listen to the audio experience and watched animation. When they put receipt down, the lights fade to dim again. For further development, we imagine this project to be installed on an entire wall.


To listen to audio tracks: