Final Project Proposal

 From this semester’s projects, I have noticed a theme in my works. I enjoy bring joy to people in a unique way, using medium such as compliment, dance, magic, and cats.

A side project I am doing now is my compliment project. I provide service to people. One of my most popular service is to compliment clients one time a day in different ways each day. User can reserve a period of time, for example, a week, a month, or less than a year. So, I would love to bring in compliment into my pcomp final.

Also, I have been working on cat and dog in my ICM a lot. Collaborated with Anna, we made an animal DJ set and cat dog star wars. So, I was thinking to incorporate cat and dog into my pcomp final to make things more funny and cute.

Based on the above inspiration, I came up with this rough idea, a device that generates compliment from hand sensing. When user puts his/her hand down, the sensor sense temperature or some other elements, and generate a compliment based on that input.